Giron TF

Uneven surfaces that recalls linen are the result of this fabric with flamed yarn. The 100% cotton composition adds freshness and comfort to this medium weight base. All these characteristics of Giron make the fabric suitable for making dresses, skirts, shorts and shorts

Galles TF

The tricoline definition is used for fabrics made of 100% cotton and ligament screen. In the tricoline category, Galles fabric is one of our best sellers. This is a fabric suitable for application in pieces such as shirts, chemises, pajamas and blouses .

Ana Ruga TF

Known worldwide for its “wrinkled” surface, the Ana Ruga base came with full strength to compose summery looks for different segments. Also known as seersucker, it is a 100% cotton base, fresh and pleasant. This classic design pattern is ideal for making shirts, dresses, home wear, children’s pieces and decoration.

Oxford TE

Oxford is a cotton fabric with a grosgrain ligament, thinner threads in the warp and thicker in the weft; structure that provides strength and durability. With a full-bodied and resistant aspect, it has a soft, pleasant touch, and is ideal for making pieces that serve the male, female, children’s and decoration markets.

Capri TF

A surface formed by 40 thread, cotton and plain weave is the perfect definition for this tricoline. When it comes to the lightweight fabrics category, Capri has been among our best sellers over the years. All of this makes the fabric suitable for making pieces for casual wear, homewear, loungewear and sleepwear markets.

Biarritz TE

Rusticity is a relevant theme about the natural and irregular appearance of the flamé yarn, we have added to this, the comfort of cotton. Biarritz is an excellent option for developing light pieces such as shirts, gowns, chemises and wide blouses that search for comfort.

Sierra TE

Developed on the Sierra base, a cotton and viscose composition fabric perfect for the hottest season of the year with designs rich in details and subtleties. Light and soft and at the same time structured, it is indicated for making shirts, dresses, blouses, pajamas and chemises.