We have developed an Environmental Education Program that goes from the first contact with the future employee to their involvement in internal campaigns created to promote a more solid environmental awareness, making him realize his role as a modifying agent and its importance in the development of the company. With this, we encourage respect and ethics with the environment and with the human being.

Located in a region surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, our mill has a permanent preservation area. In our headquarters, we created an environmental compensation area where we planted and cultivated seedlings of native trees.

For the correct destination of solid residues, the company adopts a set of management and planning procedures, with the purpose of managing and minimizing the generation of residues collected. We protect our employees, the public health, natural resources and the environment as a whole.

Following the use of water in the textile processes and for human consumption, all industrial and sanitary wastewaters generated by our company go through treatment processes at the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), before being released into the receiving waters, the Pomba River, avoiding thus possible negative impacts to the environment.

Labels And Sustanaible Partnerships

The search for increasingly sustainable practices is a reality of our company. All production is designed to generate the least possible impact on the environment.

Therefore, we are proud to receive the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ® label, which is the translation of our commitment to the environment where we live.

The label, created in 1990s, is an international system that maps the raw material used in the production processes of the industry. From manufacturing to stamping, certification ensures that the use of harmful substances for the body and environment in our process is null.

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Another great partnership that adds credibility to our brand is the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative).

An organization that, since 2005, operates in the textile industry aiming at the worldwide improvement of cotton production – from fair labor relations to social and environmental responsibility in the field.

The initiative maps cotton, from the purchase to the final process, ensuring transparency and traceability of the certified raw material. Security for those who make and for those who buy.

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We also have the support of a great national ally: the “Sou de Algodão” movement.

The project is endorsed by ABRAPA (Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers) and all fabric produced by us with up to 70% cotton in its composition receives the seal of the project.

The initiative seeks to strengthen and unite the main agents of the production chain around a common good: promoting sustainability and conscious consumption in fashion, transforming cotton into a product with high added value.

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Considered a “watershed” in the fight against slave and child labor in the fashion retail value chain, the ABVTEX Program represents the sectorial effort of retail chains to implement the best compliance practices among their suppliers and subcontractors.

Launched in 2010, the program was a response by ABVTEX in favor of the use of decent work in the production chain of fashion articles, and has been improved over time.

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